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Our web-based learning environment saves teachers valuable time without sacrificing meaningful instruction and interaction with students. MI Write helps students in grades 3-12 to improve their writing through practice, timely feedback, and guided support anytime and anywhere.


How MI Write Works


MI Write is powered through our automated essay scoring engine (PEG), which instantly reviews essays and provides immediate feedback and recommendations to both students and teachers.

Engaging Content



Interactive lessons, prompts, and stimulus materials keep students engaged and interested.

Immediate Feedback



With instant scoring, suggestions for improvement, and recommended lessons, MI Write keeps your students on track in the writing and revision process.

Enhanced Collaboration



An updated peer review, instant messaging, and cross-curricular instruction encourages effective collaboration between students and teachers. 

Admin Reports



MI Write gives you a bird’s eye view of progress and usage at the school, district, and state level through our wide selection of detailed reports. Click here to see how reports can change your instruction. 

New to online writing or automated scoring? We can help! 

Requesting a Trial


Do you want to try MI Write before you purchase a subscription? Then look no further! Free, 30-day trials are available for teachers with up to 30 students.


Scheduling a Demo


Want to see MI Write in action? One of our experts will guide you through a quick 20–30-minute demo and answer any questions you may have about the program.


Requesting a Quote


Whether you’re budgeting classroom tools or ready to get started with MI Write, we can help you with the next steps. Title 1 discounts are available!


If you would like to request a trial, schedule a demo, request a quote, or to request more information about the product, please send us an email at

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