Winter Writing Activities

Treetops glistening with fresh snow is the quintessential winter image, which can be distracting for those students with wandering minds. So how can you bring those students back to the present and use the season to engage them in productivity? We’ve curated a collection of prompts and activities that you can use in your classroom and harness that winter energy.

Take any of these ideas and modify them to fit your students’ levels and needs. Add your own creative or required elements or leave them as is. In your account on the Prompts tab, click on “Add” to create an assignment. Give it a title, describe the prompt as you wish, and customize the assignment with the advanced options available.

(For grades 3-5):

  • Describe the perfect snow day. What activities do you do? What is your favorite part?
  • Explain how snow is made.

(For grades 6-9):

  • Write a story describing a family winter tradition. Be sure to include elements of the narrative: plot, dialogue, conflict, and characters.
  • Write a narrative about your favorite winter activity. Think about plot and conflict as you tell the story, and include characters.

(For grades 10-12):

  • Use “Are the Olympics Worth It?” – a pre-packaged prompt within MI Write
  • Should schools have longer winter breaks? Why? Provide reasons and evidence to support your claim.

What to do with the writing:

  • Share your prompt with other grade-level teachers in your school.
  • Make it a contest between classes. Print and display essays in your classroom or school halls.
  • Have your students include images (in any medium – drawn, painted, photographed, cut and pasted, etc.) to accompany their writing.
  • Collaborate with another grade level to have your students read their work to younger students.

The possibilities are endless! Put on your creative hat and get your students excited about writing! Be sure to post on social media and tag us so that we can see how you’re using MI Write! MIWritebyMI (Facebook), @MIWritebyMI (Twitter), and @miwritebymi (Instagram). We’d love to see your work!

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