This pandemic has had a serious impact on all of us, some more than others. Many people have been laid off and looking for another job for months. High school seniors had to miss their proms and have had “drive-thru” graduations. A lot of people are very grateful to have kept their jobs, but many have been forced to create a space at home from which they can work. No matter the situation, living in a primarily virtual world means that written communication is now a high priority, and most people could use a little help with that.

That’s where we come in.

You may already know about MI Write, but we’ve recently released a sister program, MI Tutor. Using MI Write as a foundation, we designed MI Tutor to cater to adult learners and help catapult them to the top of their writing game. To give you an idea of what this new program has to offer, here’s how it compares to MI Write:

With all the different functionalities in MI Tutor, there are still many things that remain the same as MI Write. Most significantly, MI Tutor is powered by the same award-winning scoring engine, PEG, which provides immediate and individualized feedback and recommendations on every submitted draft. Adult writers can experience the same quality of help to move them closer to their writing goals. To further support those goals and refine skills, learners have unlimited access to all levels of lessons. 

Like MI Write students, learners in MI Tutor have access to robust reporting with the ability to download any of the records. Learners can track their progress in each of the six traits and the three genres for the duration of the subscription. Keep up with the completed lessons in the usage record. Learners also have the option to print any or all essays, with or without the writing analysis. This is useful when creating a physical portfolio of writing. A hard copy of the feedback can become a library of helpful tips for future work.

With flexible subscription models, we have the Tutor for you! Find out more here or get started today!

The MI Write Team

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With past lives that range from restaurant servers and sales reps to teachers and models, the MI Write team has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share with readers!  
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