Reports are the key to tracking student growth and knowing how to best use them is essential for every teacher. As MI Write teachers, you have access to a number of useful reports within your account. We’ve summarized each category for you, including what to expect and how to use them. All of the reports are displayed in table form and accompanied by a graph to illustrate the data in a visual manner.

Your Performance report is a great place to find information on where your students are excelling and which traits may need additional attention. Use the scores on the Six Traits of Writing and the writing genres to direct further instruction. You can also compile a portfolio to display your students’ writing progress throughout the year with the data provided by this report.

Evaluate how well your enabled prompts are addressing the needs of your students on the Prompts report, where you will find the number of essays and drafts for each prompt. You’ll also be able to see the average scores for the six traits on the specific prompts to which your students have written.

The reports found on the Usage page may be the most useful for determining how effectively MI Write is being used in your classroom. A high number of minutes in a category of lessons, for example, would show you that your students are spending a lot of time working on that particular trait. The summary section gives you an overall picture of how students are engaging in the program, displaying the numbers of completed essays, drafts, and peer reviews, as well as how much time has been spent in lessons. The remainder of the report is a breakdown of the numbers shown in the summary. Click on a student’s name under Essays to see which prompts they’ve submitted drafts and essays on, or look at the Lesson Usage Summary to make sure they are spending time on the lessons that will help them the most. Check out the Constructed Response summary at the bottom to see how well your students are writing with focus, developing their ideas sufficiently, and organizing their thoughts effectively.

The last type of report is the Progress report. It shows your students’ average scores drilled down by month. The line graph below the table is a quick and easy way to see how your students are progressing throughout the year. These scores can be affected by time spent in MI Write, the number of essays and drafts that are submitted, and the effort your students are putting into their work. 

With all the different options available, MI Write has your reporting needs covered! You are able to view, analyze, and even export and print or share any of the reports. Help your students beef up their portfolios with their personalized reports as most of the options you have as a teacher are available to individual students (with only their data, of course). Impress your admins with the usage and progress reports. Justify the need for MI Write in your classroom!

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