In honor of Poetry Month, we want to make it easier for you to introduce, incorporate, or increase your poetry instruction. This resource gives you ideas on how to get your students in the mindset to create or analyze poems, including fun activities to get them in touch with their five senses, when and how to use MI Write, some activities to do virtually with your students, as well as a few places to go to find age-appropriate poems to use.  

We not only want to provide you with helpful resources, but we are also here to support you as the whole person. That’s why this resource also includes some places to go on social media that will inspire you this month and any month. Maybe the inspiration this month leads you to write some of your own poetry. Maybe you spend a little more time outside, enjoying nature. Perhaps you have a picnic with your kids or close friends. Whatever it is, we hope it’s amazing! You deserve it! 

Make poetry easier in your classroom!

This document includes external links to help you find what you are looking for. The links are listed below for your convenience: 
Elementary school poems
Middle and high school poems
Instagram poets
Twitter poets
The Poetry Foundation

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